Technical advice




Plan - Do - Check - Act

Whether it is a new or replacement investment, or whether it is a technology that is not yet in use: future costs and risks are hidden in careful planning.


In recent years, QOS GmbH has supervised various large and small projects, particularly in the following areas:


  • Bakery plants
  • Filling plants (PET, glass, can)
  • Mill renovation


Our approach has proven itself:


1. actual state analysis and determination of requirements

2. technology selection

3. risk analysis

4. supplier selection

5. team building

6. overall conceptual design

7. design qualification

8. implementation support: installation qualification

9. installation and commissioning: Operational Qualification

10. performance acceptance: PerformanceQualification


This includes the establishment of a HACCP system, proof of conformity, documentation for all involved parties (not only production), training (operators, maintenance, sales, purchasing) and finally also the partial or complete project and/or site management.