Management systems




Leadership with a focus on quality

The challenge facing the food industry is to produce safe, nutritious food that meets the specifications of an ever-growing world population. The aspect of making a profit is becoming a permanent problem due to the high cost pressure.


The management systems of QOS GmbH are characterized above all by the fact that they are never copies of existing systems. At the beginning there is a thorough analysis of the actual situation. From then on, all systems are "tailor-made" together with the customer.


The vision of QOS GmbH is:

Who acts quality-oriented lowers the costs.
Who acts cost-oriented lowers the quality


The quality concept encompasses all processes in the organization, i.e.:


  • Management
  • Resources
  • Productive processes
  • Peripheral processes (logistics, purchasing)
  • Distribution


We focus on a comprehensive understanding of quality, which is developed through the following steps down to the bottom:


  • Vision
  • Mission statement
  • Q-Policy
  • Systematic process control


In addition, the 7 principles of the QMS must be observed, as stated by ISO 9001:2015:


1. customer focus
2. leadership
3. people involvement

4. process-oriented approach
5. (Continuous) improvement
6. fact-based decision making
7. relationship management

Process orientation also includes the systems approach.