Drinks & Breweries




Beer, wine, mineral water, soft drinks
and spirits


In the entire beverage sector, QOS GmbH has gained experience and successfully completed projects in the following areas:


  • HACCP and Risk Assessments
  • New plant construction (design, installation, operational, performance qualification)
  • Plant planning
  • Hygiene concepts
  • Plant optimization
  • Operator training
  • Product development


In breweries we are at home in the bottom-fermented as well as in the top-fermented area, but also in the area of traditional processes as well as the most modern high-gravity applications.


The wine sector includes traditional methods, sparkling wine production and the production of cuvées and mixed wine drinks (e.g. aperitif).


In the fruit juice and sweet beverage sector, QOS GmbH has references in aseptics (milk serum drinks and drinks with high sugar content).


For mineral water companies we faced challenges in foreign body management.

Large spirits producers in France rely on our expertise when it comes to organisation and hygiene in their plants.





Wir arbeiten im gesamten Getränkebereich, vom handwerklichen bis zum industriellen Massstab. 


Mit internationaler Vertriebserfahrung und unseren Innovativen Produktkonzepten können auch Sie von unserer Expertise profitieren.